Important tricks to catch someone using a fake ID

Experience is referred to as the best teacher. Professional bouncers and bartenders have gotten more experience when it comes to catching the users of a fake ID in a bar or a clubhouse. These tricks are simple and straightforward.

Few tricks that can be used to catch someone using a fake ID

  • Study the reaction

We are aware of the type of fake ID called the scannable fake ID. In regards to this, there is a possibility that a person with a fake ID would pass through the scan. If this should happen, does it means that there is no other way to catch a person with a fake ID? One of the ways through which a person with a fake ID can be caught is through studying the person's reaction.

When you carefully study the holder of a fake ID, you will notice that the person is not totally calm, the person would be in a rush to leave the site where the screening is been done. This is one of the tricky ways through bartenders and bouncers always catch people with a fake ID at a bar or club.

  • Check the signature

Another tricky means of catching a person with a fake ID is through checking the signature on the ID. The moment that something is fishy about the ID, look for a plain piece of paper and a pen, tell the holder of the fake ID to append his or her signature on the plain paper. In most cases, the signature will differ from each other but if the signature matches each other then it might not be a fake ID.

Each person's signature is different,Best Fake ID, two persons cannot have the same signature. Professional bouncers and bartenders make good use of the truck to catch the users of a fake ID.


  • Challenge the suspect

Professional bouncers and bartenders always use this trick so much. When you are suspicious of a person that there is a probability that the person is using a fake ID, challenge the person. How do you challenge the person? Ask for the ID, seize it and then begin to ask questions from the details printed on the fake ID to confirm if it matches the answers the holder of the fake ID is giving for each of the questions that would be asked from him.

  • Check the edges

Another tricky way to catch a person with a fake ID apart from using a scanner is through checking the edges. Professional bouncers sometimes use their experience to catch the users of fake IDs. Once they are suspicious of an ID, Scannable Fake ID,they quickly check the edges of the ID with their fingers. What are the implications of this? If it a real ID, the edges will be smooth but it is a fake ID, the edges will be flimsy though this is not applicable to all fake IDs.

In conclusion, apart from the use of scanners, there are other tricky ways through which the professional bouncers and bartenders always catch fake ID users.



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