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Davina is visiting a town for the first time. She has decided to take a bus to go to a mall. But she doesn't know where to get off.

on the bus

  • Davina: Excuse me, Sir. Does this bus really go to the Apollo Mall? (Permisi, Pak. Apakah bis ini benar menuju Mall Apolo?)
  • Passenger: Yes. It goes all the way there. (Ya, busnya menuju kesana.)
  • Davina: Are you sure? (Apakah Anda yakin?)
  • Passenger: I know it does. I catch this bus a lot. Are you new here? (Memang begitu. Saya sering naik bis ini. Apa Anda baru di sini?)
  • Davina: Yes, I am. (Iya, benar.)
  • Passenger: I see. Well, don't worry. You're on the right bus, Miss. (Begitu ya. Jangan kuatir. Anda berada di bis yang benar, Nona.)

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