Registering For A Class (Conversation)

A student is trying to register for a class in a college.

registering for a class

  • Student: Good morning. Could you help me to register for a class? (Selamat pagi. Bisakah Anda membantu saya mendaftar kelas?)
  • Staff: Sure. What class would you like to take? (Tentu. Kelas apa yang Anda mau ambil?)
  • Student: I want to take a Business Management class. (Saya ingin mengambil kelas Manajemen Bisnis.)
  • Staff: Well, there are only two classes open. (Well, ada dua kelas yang dibuka.)
  • Student: Could you tell me what days the classes are on? (Bisa Anda infokan hari apa saja kelas-kelas tersebut?)
  • Staff: One class is on Monday and Wednesday from 09:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (Satu kelas ada di hari Senin dan Rabu mulai jam 9.00 11.00 pagi.)

  • Student: And the other class? (Dan kelas lainnya?)
  • Staff: The other class is from ten to twelve on Tuesday and Thursday. (Kelas lainnya dari jam sepuluh sampai jam duabelas di hari Selasa dan Kamis.)
  • Student: Are you sure there are no more open classes? (Apa Anda yakin gak ada kelas lagi?)
  • Staff: Yes, I am sure. (Ya, saya yakin.)
  • Student: Okay then, sign me up for the class on Tuesday and Thursday, please. (Oke kalau begitu, tolong daftarkan saya kelas yang hari Selasa dan Kamis.)
  • Staff: Very well then. (Baiklah kalau begitu.)

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