In A Restaurant (Conversation)

A man and a woman are entering a restaurant to have dinner.

percakapan bahasa inggris di restoran

  • Waiter: Good evening. Welcome to Felice Restaurant. (Selamat malam. Selamat datang di Restoran Felice.)
  • Man:  A table for two, please. (Tolong meja untuk dua orang.)
  • Waiter: This way, Sir. (Silakan lewat sini, Pak.)
  • Man: Thank you. (Terima kasih.)
  • Waiter: Are you ready to order, Sir? (Apakah Anda siap memesan, Pak?)
  • Man: Yes. What would you like, Honey? (Iya. Kamu ingin apa, Sayang?)
  • Woman: I’d like fettuccine with teriyaki sauce and a glass of lychee tea. (Saya ingin fettuccine dengan saus teriyaki dan segelas teh leci.)

  • Waiter: Fettuccine with teriyaki sauce and a glass of lychee tea. What about you, Sir? (Fettuccine dengan saus teriyaki dan segelas teh leci. Bagaimana dengan Anda, Pak?)
  • Man: I’d like chicken wings with honey sauce and a glass of lemon tea. (Saya ingin sayap ayam dengan saus madu dan segelas teh lemon.)
  • Waiter: Let me repeat. Fettuccine with teriyaki sauce, chicken wings with honey sauce, a glass of lychee tea and lemon tea. (Biar saya ulangi. Fettuccine dengan saus teriyaki, sayap ayam dengan saus madu, segelas teh leci dan segelas teh lemon.)
  • Man: Right. (Benar.)
  • Waiter: Anything else? (Ada lagi?)
  • Man: I think it’s enough. (Saya rasa cukup.)
  • Waiter: Okay. Your dishes will be ready in 15 minutes. (Baik. Hidangan akan siap dalam 15 menit.)
  • Man: Great. Thanks. (Bagus. Terima kasih.)
  • Waiter: You’re welcome. (Sama-sama.)
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