Greeting 1 (Conversation)


Read a dialogue between Andre and Bobby who just met.

greeting conversation

  • Andre: Good evening. How’re you doing? My name is Andre. (Selamat pagi. Apa kabar? Namaku Andre.)
  • Bobby: I’m doing great, thanks. I’m Bobby. (Baik, terimakasih. Aku Bobby.)
  • Andre: What was your name again? (Siapa tadi namamu?)
  • Bobby: Bobby.
  • Andre: So Bobby, what do you do for a living? (Jadi Bobby, apa pekerjaan kamu?)
  • Bobby: I work at the public library. How about you? (Aku kerja di perpustakaan umum. Kalau kamu?)
  • Andre: I’m a University student. (Aku mahasiswa.)
  • Bobby: That’s great. Very nice to meet you. (Hebat. Senang ketemu kamu.)
  • Andre: Yeah. Nice to meet you, too. (Yeah. Senang ketemu kamu juga.)


Read a dialogue between Lucy and Nathan who just met.

greeting conversation

  • Lucy: Hello! (Halo!)
  • Nathan: Hi. (Hai)
  • Lucy: I’m Lucy. What’s your name? (Nama saya Lucy. Siapa nama Anda?)
  • Nathan: Hi, Lucy. My name is Nathan. Nice to meet you. (Hai, Lucy. Nama saya Nathan.)
  • Lucy: Where are you from? (Darimana Anda berasal?)
  • Nathan: I am from Netherland, and you? (Saya dari Belanda, dan Anda?)
  • Lucy: I am from France. (Saya dari Perancis.)
  • Nathan: What are you doing here? (Apa yang Anda lakukan di sini?)
  • Lucy: I am traveling with my family, and you? (Saya sedang berlibur bersama keluarga saya, dan Anda?)
  • Nathan: Sounds great. I am studying my PhD here. (Kedengarannya menyenangkan. Saya sedang melanjutkan pendidikan S3 saya di sini.)
  • Lucy: Wow, that’s cool. (Wow, keren.)
  • Nathan: Haha. By the way, enjoy your traveling. (Haha, Ngomong-ngomong, nikmati liburan Anda ya.)
  • Lucy: Good luck, Nathan. (Semoga sukses, Nathan.)
  • Nathan: Thank you, Lucy. See you. (Terima kasih, Lucy. Sampai jumpa.)
  • Lucy: See you. Nice to meet you, Nathan. (Sampai jumpa. Senang bertemu dengan Anda, Nathan.)
  • Nathan: Nice to meet you too. (Senang bertemu dengan Anda juga.)
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